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Verifiable Credentials

Using cryptography and decentralized technologies to ensure document authenticity, privacy, and security.

Document and credential issuing is challenging for all participants

Document and credential issuing and verification is a challenging and cumbersome activity that affects all participants - the document issuers, document holders, and third parties that rely on these credentials.

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Operational Burden and Costs

All parties involved share the burdens of inconvenience and costs associated with the issuance and verification activities. Issuers face significant client engagement and fulfillment costs, while third-party organizations expend time and resources to authenticate credentials presented to them.

Risk and Fraud

All parties involved share the risks and cost burdens of fraud associated with paper, electronic, or plastic credentials. It is essential to take measures to prevent fraud and ensure the security and authenticity of the documents and credentials issued.

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Verifiable Credentials with myLaminin

myLaminin uses blockchain and web3 technology to issue verifiable credentials to client digital wallets consistent with the Ontario Digital Services Verifiable Credentials standard.

Issuer Control

myLaminin puts the Issuers in complete control over the credential with an ability to define, issue, expire, revoke, or update client credentials directly from their systems of record.

Client Data Sovereignty

Clients have complete control over the sharing of credentials in their digital wallet with any third-parties with selective disclosure and derived predicate capabilities for additional privacy and data sovereignty.

Flexible Credential Definition

Issuers have the flexibility to define and issue new credentials with no programming requirements.

Seamless Third-Party Authentication

Third-parties get 100% assurance of document origin and authenticity and need not expend additional effort or expense to verify the credentials presented to them.

Unlocking opportunities for institutional clients and service providers

And because myLaminin is Blockchain-enabled, our solution allows for network effects amongst institutional clients, service providers, and other value chain participants with the potential to apply Tokenomics using Smart Contracts, where warranted.

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