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SOC2 Type II Certified

myLaminin ensures the highest level of security and compliance.

A culture of security & privacy

Data Security & Participant Privacy

At myLaminin, we take data security and privacy seriously. It is a core tenant of our technology, operations, and people. This is why we are using blockchain and web3 technology to deliver the next generation of research data-sharing solutions.

High Security & Compliance Standard

We have invested significant time, energy, and resources to obtain the AICPA Service Organisation Control (SOC)2 Type II certification, a widely recognized standard for assessing the security and privacy controls of a SaaS solution.


We were proud to have achieved this significant milestone in February 2023 with no exceptions noted. An unqualified opinion on a SOC 2 Type II audit report demonstrates to all of our clients that we manage their data with the highest standard of security and compliance.

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Periodic Table

Our commitment to security

Certification & Ongoing Monitoring

Our SOC 2 Type II certification confirms that we have implemented comprehensive controls and procedures to ensure that sensitive data is protected.

Regular Auditing

We undergo regular auditing by a third-party auditor to ensure that we maintain our security and privacy controls over time.

Increased Trust

SOC 2 Type II certification increases trust among our clients and their stakeholders as it provides an objective validation of myLaminin’s security and privacy controls.

Compliance with Industry Standards

We comply with industry-standard security frameworks, such as the Trust Services Criteria (TSC), to ensure that our platform and supporting operations are adhering to best practices and industry standards.

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