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Sharing Important Documents with Security, Convenience, and Control

Who We Are

We deliver 'trust networks' for enterprises, their clients, value chain partners, and suppliers that support their shared interests...and we help them create the new 'ecosystem business models' or network effects of the future.

We brought a new blockchain-enabled document and data sharing and verification service to market.

We put people and businesses in complete control of their
data and respect their data privacy and sovereignty.

And deliver public and private sector operational efficiencies by reducing fraud and fulfillment costs while delivering better client service experiences and outcomes. 

We're not interested in merely improving existing processes but rather in tabling completely new, fresh, and better ways to do them.

Who We Are

What If...

Government Building Columns

Government & Public Sector

What if we could get all our important documents and credentials from municipal, state, and federal government agencies in the same digital wallet?

What if we could also make governments more efficient, client-centric, and reduce operational costs?

What If


Current methods of sharing important documents and data are inconvenient and insecure. We have better technology options today. myLaminin uses Blockchain and web3 technologies to deliver a more secure document/data sharing paradigm for all.

Next Generation Document Verification and Transference

  • Blockchain security and immutability

  • Support for several DLT platform options

  • Choice of consensus algorithms

Administrative & Service Efficiencies

  • Eliminate lost, stolen, replaced credential operational overhead

  • Reduce verification costs

  • Establish new ecosystem business models or 'network effects' to deliver new capabilities for all value chain participants

Convenience & Security

  • Owner data sovereignty and control over personal data

  • New features and capabilities of verifiable credentials and digital wallets

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Our Wins

Our Wins


Part of the DMZ Incubator

AIBC Americas.jpeg

Sigma Americas 2022 Artificial Intelligence / Blockchain Pitch Competition Winner


Winner of the Cooperathon 2021 Deloitte Challenge 


Part of the Creative Destruction Labs Blockchain Stream


SOC2 Type 1 Certified


Winner of RADARxCOLLISION pitch competition at Collision 2022

Our Name
About Our Name

lam·​i·​nin  noun

Laminins are proteins that form a network foundation for most cells and organs in our body and connects cells and tissues together. "The protein equivalent of glue."

myLaminin will have a similar connective societal impact.

myL Dot w Name.Dark.jpg
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