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Next Gen Research Data Management

with security, convenience, and control

Research data sharing poses significant data security, privacy, and logistical risks

Research-intensive institutions are complex, open, and collaborative ecosystems rich with an abundance of innovation IP. This is why they have become 'soft targets' for malicious actors.

Principal Investigators, their teams, external collaborators, legal services, research ethics boards, and librarians all have a role to play in the effective management of sensitive research data.

Current solutions and practices are inadequate and impose significant operational inefficiencies.

Research Data Important Documents

myLaminin is the only blockchain-enabled solution for research-intensive institutions, principal investigators, and their teams

At myLaminin, we understand the challenges researchers face when it comes to data sharing. That's why we've leveraged the power of blockchain and web3 technologies to create a solution that's more secure, convenient, and controlled.

myLaminin Blockchain Features

Risk Mitigation

Reduce the risk of research data loss/breaches

Efficient Agreements

Improve data-sharing agreement efficiency with eSignatures

Consent Form Management

Improve and secure management of participant consent forms


Ability to deliver future capabilities

A seasoned team with the right expertise to deliver the most complete and secure blockchain solution to the management of sensitive research data

Experienced Global Technology Consultants

Led by seasoned former management consultants with a global track record of technology and operations service  delivery to enterprise clients in both the private and public sectors.

Future-Proofing Client Data Security

We take our client data security and privacy seriously and have invested in the application of blockchain and web3 technologies to make our solution the most complete, secure, and future-proof platform in the sector.

Business Team
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Validation & Partnerships

SOC2 Type II Certification badge
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 Roger’s Cybersecurity Catalyst logo
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Find out why myLaminin is the choice for trusted and secure data management.

"What myLaminin has brought to market is a unique solution that solves a real problem for researchers and research-intensive institutions managing sensitive research data, and it’s an excellent use of blockchain technology with the potential to solve the research repeatability challenge."

- Joshua Gans, Professor at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Chief Economist of Creative Destruction Lab

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Book a demo and let us show you how we can secure your research data and reduce operational friction.

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