Sharing Important Documents with Security, Convenience, and Control

Who We Are

We are bringing a new blockchain-enabled document sharing and verification service to market.

We will transform the critical eligibility determination
function at the core of private and public sector

We are putting people in complete control of their
credentials and respecting their personal data privacy.

And we will increase government and private sector operational efficiencies by reducing fraud and traditional audit control requirements.

We're not interested in merely improving existing processes but rather in tabling completely new, fresh, and better ways to do them.


What If...

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Government & Public Sector

What if governments (Federal, State and Local) could seamlessly improve trust between citizens and jurisdictions by streamlining integration across different departments?

What if we could completely transform document authenticity and verification and virtually eliminate the potential for fraud and dated audit controls - and while we're at it - put citizens in control of their personal data?



Current methods of sharing documents with other parties are not secure and susceptible to data breaches. This is unacceptable given our technology options. myLaminin uses Blockchain to securely share credentials - giving individuals, business and governments convenience and operational efficiencies.

Next Generation Document Verification and Transference

  • Blockchain security and immutability

  • Support for several DLT platform options

  • Choice of consensus algorithms

Administrative & Service Efficiencies

  • Eliminate need to copy and transmit or upload documents

  • Eliminate lost document frustrations

  • Compress timeframes associated with document verification

Convenience & Security

  • End-user control over how their Information is shared

  • Consolidates important credentials into one "digital wallet"

  • Eliminates frustrations of lost documentation, renewals, and cross-department mis-understandings


Our Ask

If your organization is interested in collaborating on a Proof of Concept please contact us.


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About Our Name

lam·​i·​nin  noun

Laminins are proteins that form a network foundation for most cells and organs in our body and connects cells and tissues together. "The protein equivalent of glue."

myLaminin will have a similar connective societal impact.

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