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myLaminin's Collision 2021 experience

Collision 2021 was three very busy days for the myLaminin team. Participating virtually in Collision only three months after incorporation was both intimidating and exciting. We applied for Collision knowing we had a good idea and were eager to validate that thinking as early as possible. Once we were notified that we would be participating as a featured startup, we were excited and keen to engage.

It was a great experience indeed! We had the opportunity to participate in Roundtable sessions, and intimate VC conferences, as well as were chosen to compete in the '40 Word' competition.

With Collision 2021 hosting over 38,000 attendees from 141 countries, 1,266 startups, and 860 VC firms, there were more opportunities to network over the three days than we could have organically cultivated in a month. The networking opportunity was simply excellent.

It was extremely interesting to discuss the state of practice in different countries, test our thinking, and share our vision with investors from North America, the EU, and South America. Simply energizing!

The real value for the myLaminin team however was a tangible acceleration of our market validation. Connecting with over 12 potential partner organizations and having conversations with 6 VC firms with subsequent meetings scheduled will be of significant value for us - some of which are likely to become longer-lasting supplier relationships.

Looking forward to Collision 2022.


Image by Andrew Neel
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